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BSR64000 sample config

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BSR64000 sample config

Hi can some one helpme with the config of a Motorola BSR 64000
my mail thanks

if's, and's or but's

all depends on the cards and software your running.
you'll need to post a show chassis stat before anyone can help with your request. is this for a live system or a lab to test cards?
need to know that as well


thanks its for a lab and test this is my cmts
Chassis BSR 64000 HD (100Amp) Version << Redundant Ready >>
Fan Tray Version : 3 (HD)
Chassis EEPROM
Format Version: 9
Assembly Type : 21
Part Number : PCA-0079-01
HW Revision : F
Serial Number : 060014325
Mac Address : 00:30:b8:cc:e0:00
Product Number: 033003434
Alias :
Alias SN: CHS-0009-01
Asset Id:

Slot00 DRX RX48, 8 Upstream Ports with 6 Channels per Port Versions:
Boot ROM:
Mini ROM: RX48 Mini ROM Ver. 1.06
Date Built: Wed Jun 25 15:11:05 GMT 2014
Hitless Group Number H48
CPU: MPC8572E rev2.1 e500v2 rev3.0
Memory Size: 3584 MB
Format Version : 11
Assembly Type : 47
PDM Number : 572961-003-00
HW Revision : G
Serial Number : H116653020000000
Motherboard Revision Info:
MB Part Number : 572927-004-00
MB HW Revision : F
MB Serial Number : G116653000000000
BFPGA Version : 0x0000BF23
CFPGA Version : 0xCF02032D
RXFPGA Version : 0xF0001045
Timing Module Revision Info:
FPGA Ver : 02020020
PIC Prot Code Rev: 0100
PIC Main Code Rev: 0100
BCM3216 Revision Info:
FPGA Rev : 19.4
Master CPU : 0.254.1
Slave CPU : 1.1.1
BCM3142 Revision Info:
Revision Id : 0C460000

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