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BSR2K issue

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BSR2K issue

Hi Group

We have an BSR2K and for a while it was good. About 15 days ago, the cmts turned on the ALM led and blocked. We turned off the device and disconnected from network and replaced for a BSR1K backup. About 3 days ago we turned on and it was good for 40min aprox. but the ALM led tuned on again despite I have access to CLI. The rare thing is that 6 hours later, the ALM led turned off without any reason.

I erase the startup config and from yesterday no ALM at all have been displayed.

So, what could be the reason for this? is possible that the BSR2K failing?



What version bootrom, fpga and image is it running?
also, it's sensitive to heat. find that it needs space above and below to keep it running without issues. in general you should have 1 rack unit space between your equipment anyway, regardless of the cmts used.



Hi Group

Hi cmcaldas. I appreciate a lot your comment as always. I had the same temp feeling and I checked this yersterday. We have a termometer which is in 24 celsius degrees. And there's 1U rack of space between devices. The manual says about 7cm aprox of space. This is the BSR2K version:

cmts2#show version

BSR 2000(tm) version 1.0.0P59.TRCU
Copyright (c) 2005 by Motorola.
Compiled Fri Feb 15 08:19:34 EST 2008
MPC7447A processor with 512MB memory.
Boot ROM : 1.0.28
CPU : MPC7447A
Memory Size : 512 MB
Board Program ID : RD
Format Version : 11
Assembly Type : 39
Board Part Number : 520699-006-00
Board Serial Number : D080301000446825
Board Rev : L
Upper Level Part Number : 520025-006-00
Upper Level Serial Number : D080301000447752
Upper Level Rev : F
FPGA Revision : 0.220
System Up Time : 1 hours 36 minutes 17 seconds

Thanks for any comments


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