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BSR2000 user set up?

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BSR2000 user set up?

Someone can guide me on how I can set up a limited user for a BSR2000, eg: the uesr can't restart the CMTS in enabled mode.

Thank you very much


Easy fix

From the console as the unit boots up, you can stop it and then use the help or ? to change the flag. example boot from ethernet, flash, nvram etc etc but you can also have it bypass the startup config. it will boot to a default nothing config and you can get into enable mode. do a copy start run and then change the enable password.
could give the flag, but this way you can see how it's done and the other options. important note... make sure you change the flag back to what it was or the next time you reset or power goes goes out, you'll have the default no config startup again ;-)


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