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bsr1000 cm de-registering

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bsr1000 cm de-registering

hello members,

first of all i would like to greet you all, may be this forum can answer my queries, as of now we are using bsr100 the problem we got is at any given time cm's are de-registered at cmts. have you experience this with MOTOROLA BSR1000

Thanks alot hope some one could reply to this queries


Modem logs

The modem logs should indicate why they're deregistering -- lost syncs due to T3 (upstream timeouts), T4 (downstream timeouts), etc.

boombastic (not verified)
saintlan1 It`s a good idea

It`s a good idea to show your BSR1K config ;)

T3 - T4 timeouts...

Yes, a config is good. but could you add a show controllers for the cable interface as well? thinking low snr and physical delay problems


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