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BSR 1000 Stuff

Been using Arris CMTS 1000 and 1500 for some time now. Picked up a Motorola (Not River Delta) CMTS. It's a BSR 1000.

I've so far only experience operating a CMTS as a switch. The BSR 1000 appears to be only a router. As a PPPoE operator, does anyone know of ways I can make use of it?

Normally I place a router (or PPPoE server) on the ISP side of the CMTS and simply use it as a switch to get the users. If I slap a route table right at the CMTS, such as it appears the BSR is going to be, I then am not sure what I can do. That would block the users PPPoE traffic from making it across the CMTS to reach the ISP side.

Good ol DHCP carries over the BSR (with the helper ip address) to get past the hurdle of a router being between the CM's and the ISP. Anyone know of a way to carry PPPoE tunnels over as well?

Heck anyone have any PPPoE advise of anykind?

As for firmware management, I have plenty of experience managing IOS for Cisco devices. Seems the BSR is very "cisco style". But so far all I've found is a very large nvram with the firmware bin in it... Not used to thinking of nvram as a storage for everything. Anyhow, does anyone know some history of the firmwares done for theses things? Are there feature sets like Cisco? Am I just looking to try and find simply the latest firmware? Would like to know what the latest version is and if it's still being maintained for new updates.


BSR1k ROuter

From the look of your other cmts's, your setup and use to brdiges. the BSR1k can be a router or a brdige. you'll need to downgrade the bootrom and image. Post your email and I'll send them to you


BSR1k ROuter

I can be reached at:

Sent Files

I just sent you the bootrom and image, along with a quick doc on how to downgrade from my yousendit. make a backup of what you have now should you want to go back. let me know how it goes



Do you think, you can send me too the image and the boot room pls?

I need to spend my river delta cmts BRS1000 a brigde

I need to spend my river delta cmts BRS1000 a brigde, I can send the firmware of it, thanks my email is

Let me look into some backup

Let me look into some backup tars, and see if I can find the old firmware versions I had for the BSR1000. I'll try to remember and look this weekend.

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