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BPI problem on Motorola BSR1000

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Anonymous (not verified)
BPI problem on Motorola BSR1000

I have a problem with our BSR1000 which have been working great for 3-4 years now.

After a power failure last week I have some cable modems coming online, but no data are sent through.
The status for the modem on the BSR1000 reads "online(un)".

Manual says:
CM registered, but not enabled data. Fail to
verify modem’s identity by BPI module.

Has anybody seen this problem on the BSR? And hopefully has a solution?

Nothing has changed since before the power failure, and the config files are the same.

Jan O Greger

BPI+ is time dependent

Check the ToD server and the time on the BSR to ensure it's correct -- that's the only time I've seen large scale BPI issues.


Hi Jan,
I recommend you setup an sntp server. check the time on your cmts, do a show clock.


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