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personnel have the following situation. on a cisco cmts 7246vxr on an interface with two downstream modem online one 5101 model and another mta 5121. not have cpe connected those modem. I noticed that it has a bitrate in 5121 in mta interface dowsntream of 256kbit/s while the 5101 has nothing. this bitrate also appears in the interface dowsntream cmts. see attached file. Anyone know who this. is to filter this bit rate.

Thank you, flávio.

What does the config file

What does the config file look like? Did you reserve 256K for voice flows perhaps?


I think not. attached the file that I use.


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Do you have other traffic on

Do you have other traffic on the Downstream, or is this in a lab type situation?

If there isn't a lot of other traffic, I wonder if the MTA is counting the number of bytes on the wire, and not necessarily the number of bytes only for itself. Have seen this quite a few times. Always odd seeing modems pushing 38mb/s with a 5mb package :) Until I noticed the downstream graph of the modem matched the downstream graph from the CMTS.

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