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BIG problem with SNR in daily evening

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BIG problem with SNR in daily evening

dear All

we are facing problem in daily basis in our docsis network.
in day timing there is no issue with SNR, but after 5:00 PM daily SNR starts dropping in between <9 to 18>.
pls help me in this...
i tried everything on my network.. is this problem can be generated from CMTS UBR7200..
even i want to know what are the other causes by which SNR dropped
pls email me no

return or cmts...

How is the return combined, going into the cmts receivers? example, 4 nodes to each receiver or split to feed two receivers and load balanced? if the problem is on upstream 2 for example, can you swap it with upstream port 3? thinking same downstream and see if the problem follows the return or stays on port 2.
if it stays, you know it's a receiver issue, if it follows the return, your field guys have some work to do..

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