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Bandwith monitoring

I think I mentioned before, I'm new in this.. so sorry if i bother too much.
and thanks if you understand me.
im very interesting in learn everything I can in this environment.


I recently got interested in estimate the consumption of bandwidth.
how could i do this...

i know how much total bandwith is generated monitoring the internet router directly.
Also i can generate graphic with mrtg tool.
but i cant know how that traffic is distributed in the cable modems.

Total traffic was 1460kbps 2:00 pm
if I have only 3 cable modem connected
how do I determine that

CM # 1 = 200kbps,
CM # 2 = 650kbps and
CM # 3 = 610kbps
at that moment.

how could i try this?

Possible solution

You could use mrtg also to monitor traffic on cable modems. Example target definition in mrtg configuration file might look like this:

Target[cable_modem_ip_address]: ifInOctets.3&ifOutOctets.4:your_snmp_community@cable_modem_ip_address



Linux and ntop is your answer. You could segment the system so that ntop is sniffed from your LAN and even write your interface to your customer database so you know who is using what bandwidth. You could also where where they are going and what ports they are using.

eric at starlightcable dot com

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