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Asterisk and cable modems MTA!!!

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Asterisk and cable modems MTA!!!


any one had been worked with cable modems with embedde ATA's?, can i use asterisk for voip server? how? another platform?

thanks in advanced!!

Arris eMTA's with SIP

Arris eMTA's with SIP firware (available from Arris) will work with a stock Asterisk server.

Other eMTA's with MGCP firmware can be made to work with asterisk but the module to do so is not well supported only heard of a few people that ever got it to work.

What our company has done is to partner with a SIP provider who supports Cable MTAs and let them handle the phone stuff.

some such companies are Big River Telephone and Fidelity Communications, there is at least one more but I cannot remember the name.

We use eMTA's with MGCP

We use eMTA's with MGCP firmware with asterisk and this running very well. Of course, our version of asterisk is a strong rebuilt. I can give a contact the company who does such modifications. If anyone has any questions, I am happy to answer.

yeffrey davila
asterisk for mgcp ncs

Hi I am very interested in this solution. Can you help me ?

Asterisk with MGCP

Dear Sir

i would like to have and ask for ur help with installing Asterisk MGCP base in my test lab. i need to provision an MTA in combination with Cisco BAC provisiong system.

Hani Dabbagh

Call me.


I have 4 systems of my own running and Have set up many others.


I'll call u!


I will call u, but at this time im out of the country, specifically in the caribbean.

can you tell me more about your systems?

Platform, ?//

thanks in advanced!!


I own several private cable systems in Michigan and had no choice but to figure out how to get this to work. When I started the business years ago, I had no extra money to spare of tech support. I provide TV, Internet ant telephone for mobile home parks and apartment complexes.


NCS Packetcable on asterisk!!!


At this moment i am finishing the installation of the MGCP (NCS) Packetcable module, but i dont have a clue about configure my cmts to start trying this!

any help?

E9moreno (not verified)
EMTA Asterisk

Hello do you have an e-mail? or a more current number to help with the emta and asterisk setup? Currently need it up and running to test lab.

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