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Arris TM804 eMTA NCS protocol error

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Arris TM804 eMTA NCS protocol error
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I'm doing a basic PacketCable 1.0 setup with NCS call signaling.
I use Arris TM804 eMTAs and Asterisk as CMS.
When the call is answered the eMTA responds to MDCX message from CMS with "Protocol error 510".

Here is my eMTA config:

MtaConfigDelimiter 1;
SnmpMibObject ppCfgMtaCallpFeatureSwitch.0 Integer -22917 ;/*0xFFFFA67B*/
SnmpMibObject arrisMtaDevProvMethodIndicator.0 Integer 7; /* basic2 */
SnmpMibObject arrisMtaDevPacketcableProvisioningFlow.0 Integer 3; /* basic2 */
SnmpMibObject ifAdminStatus.9 Integer 1;
SnmpMibObject ifAdminStatus.10 Integer 1;
SnmpMibObject pktcMtaDevEnabled.0 Integer 1;
SnmpMibObject pktcSigDefCallSigTos.0 Integer 0 ;
SnmpMibObject pktcSigDefMediaStreamTos.0 Integer 0 ;
SnmpMibObject pktcNcsEndPntConfigCallAgentId.9 String "[]" ;
SnmpMibObject pktcNcsEndPntConfigCallAgentId.10 String "[]" ;
SnmpMibObject pktcNcsEndPntConfigCallAgentUdpPort.9 Integer 2427 ;
SnmpMibObject pktcNcsEndPntConfigCallAgentUdpPort.10 Integer 2427 ;
SnmpMibObject pktcNcsEndPntConfigMWD.9 Integer 10 ;
SnmpMibObject pktcNcsEndPntConfigMWD.10 Integer 10 ;
SnmpMibObject enterprises.7432. HexString 0x9db8f0b0f2e096efcc189980216bc6b824bea966 ;
MtaConfigDelimiter 255;

I also attach the screenshot of Wireshark capture of MGCP messaging between CMS and eMTA during an incoming call.
Frames 8 and 10 are the MDCX message and the response.

Does anyone what might be the problem here?