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Arris TM402 SIP interdigit timeout

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Arris TM402 SIP interdigit timeout

Is there anyway to change the interdigit timeout on a Arris TM402 using SIP. Have some users that the phone times out the entry before they can enter the full phone number. The modems are using the following for the digitmap.

VendorIdentifier 0x0015a2;
GenericTLV TlvCode 69 TlvStringZero "x."; /* tlv length = 3 */

Have you checked the doco?

Not sure if this is what you need, but the doco mentions stuff like :

If desired, modify the digit map timers:

• Tpar (partial dial time-out)—modify the pktcNcsEndPntConfigPartialDialTO object. The default is 16 seconds.

• Tcrit (critical dial timeout)—modify the pktcNcsEndPntConfigCriticalDialTO object. The default is 4 seconds.

And/or put some more effort

And/or put some more effort into your digitmap, so that the various valid/common local/national configurations are listed. Generally you only want the unknown-length international type dialling to be wildcarded with the plain old x.

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