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Arris - TG862 - WiFi EMTA Provisioning

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Arris - TG862 - WiFi EMTA Provisioning

Dear forum,

we want to use the Arris TG862 MTA for one of our wifi projects. Unfortunately we do not have any documentation neither do we have the vendor snmp mibs of that modem. Does anyone know if it's possible to provision the EMTA with WPA2 Enterprise to use them with PEAP? In case it's possible does someone has the corresponding snmp oids or bootfile options available?


The TG862/DG860 can do WPA2

The TG862/DG860 can do WPA2 Enterprise though no mention of PEAP in the manual.

Personally I think the DG860 is a better modem than the TG862, and the SBG6700-AC is far superior to both.

If you tell me where to send it I will send the Manual and Mibs for the latest release of TG862/DG860. The SBG6700-AC doesn't have a good manual that I can find but I can send the mibs.


Sorry for the side note, but I've been wanting to find a way to use the 2nd wifi channel to turn all the modems into one large access point for customers. example would be for a resort or large hotel, something you've done or know the best way to do that?

Thank you in advance

Excellent. can you please

Excellent. can you please mail it to: ??

We still got a lot TG862 on stock. If they support WPA2 Enterprise they will most likely support PEAP as well. I will give it a try.

thanks a lot


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