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Does anyone have this TG862 SIP firmware?
My e-mail is

Thank you!

Here you go. Not sure if you

Here you go. Not sure if you need PacketCable 2.0 or not, so all the current versions I have are on the site.

This is an old software.

This is an old software. Better contact your VAR and ask them for the latest software.

Latest software for the TG852

Latest software for the TG852/862 is 7.5.125A and the TM7XX and TM8XX is 7.5.125. Both have been uploaded to the site for anyone that is needing them.

So, I got a newer firmware

So, I got a newer firmware and upgraded my Arris CM.
But then some problema appear.
Everything runned just fine until I try to call at phone port on CM.

The CM registered to my SIP server (Lab Asterisk).
But there's no way to do a call even receive it.
When someone try to call back, I got this messages in the console.

[ERROR] [ARRIS.CALLP_SWERR(pid=504)]: callLegFinalDestResolvedEv has null pCon!!
[ERROR] [DOCSIS.QOS(pid=319)]: qosDsx_AnalyseDsxResponse: Reject confirmation code 24 received in DSX RSP msg; TA DB index=0
[ERROR] [VOICE.XSPY(pid=504)]: 0001058232 - DQM: dqmmsm: dqmp_dqos_callback(): called with result DQM_ERR_DQOS_OP_FAIL, current cntxt_state = 3, old cntxt_state = 1
[ERROR] [ARRIS.CALLP_SWERR(pid=504)]: send_result_callp: conNum:4 Line:1 Result:2
[ERROR] [VOICE.XSPY(pid=504)]: 0001058232 - DQM: both UD and DS has been deleted, nothing to delete cleaning up cntxt

Does anyone know what is this messages and how to workaround it?

I use NCS so no experience

I use NCS so no experience with SIP on MTAs but this looks like an issue with Dqos for setting up dynamic UGSs (service flows). You have 2 options when it comes to Dqos, full Dqos and DsxDqos both of which are controlled from the Call P Feature settings passed down to the MTA side via config file and MIB. This also has to be enabled on the CMTS (configure packetcable dqos no shutdown on Arris)

From the call processing prompt you can run ftrsw to see what settings are currently on the MTA side. example below. You can also change the feature settings from this prompt as well by figuring out the value based on the list and changing accordingly.

To get into the voice prompt.

Console> sys
System> sys
System> vo
Voice> callp

[ 44] Call Processing> ftrsw
0x20000000: Allow MTA to automatically generate OSI: ENABLED
0x10000000: Delay DLCX response against connection on onhook only line (for VMWI): DISABLED
0x08000000: Use alternate (non sequential) Caller ID delivery order: DISABLED
0x01000000: Send dtmf digits via RFC2833 with payload 101 without request: DISABLED
0x00800000: Add brackets to IP for MTA FQDN when communicating with call server: DISABLED
0x00400000: Allow NCS Redirect without IPsec: DISABLED
0x00100000: Disable RTP/RTCP authentication/encryption (bit = 1): DISABLED
0x00080000: LUCENT RFC-2833 messaging without request using payload 94: DISABLED
0x00010000: Payload Header Suppression: DISABLED
0x00008000: Disable endpoint from sending provisional responses: ENABLED
0x00004000: DSX (access only) DQoS: ENABLED
0x00001000: NUERA RFC-2833 messaging without request using payload 127: ENABLED
0x00000800: Force the use of DQoS. Reject service if not used: DISABLED
0x00000400: Ignore format-specific SDP attribute lines referring to payload types not listed in media description (m= line): DISABLED
0x00000100: Omit capability parameters in returned SDP: DISABLED
0x00000080: Omit mptime parameter in returned SDP: DISABLED
0x00000040: Apply auto OSI to both originating and terminating side for NCS calls: ENABLED
0x00000008: Reduce the capability descriptor in the SDP to T38 only: DISABLED
0x00000004: If line is not provisioned show 0(OOS) rather than IDLE for arrisMtaDevLineCardState.: DISABLED
0x00000002: Prevent endpoint from entering the Lockstep quarantine mode: ENABLED
0x00000001: Prevent piggybacked transmissions of NCS messages: ENABLED

Yep I set this in the mta

Yep I set this in the mta config file, to tell the MTA to use DSX / DQOS Lite :

SnmpMibObject sipCfgSipFeatureSwitch.0 HexString 0x0000a000 ;

And then on the (Cisco) CMTS you have to activate support for DSX / DQOS Lite, from memory like this :

packetcable authorize vanilla-docsis-mta
packetcable multimedia

Optionally, tell voice calls to not use bonding :

cable docsis30-voice downstream req-attr-mask 0 forb-attr-mask 80000000

And then on the CMTS, because these types of calls uses reserved bandwidth, you have to make sure you have set aside enough reservable bandwidth. Otherwise the symptoms you will see is a certain number of calls can be in progress per interface, but then any additional calls on top of this number will fail.
interface integrated-cable5/0/0:0
cable rf-bandwidth-percent 8 remaining-ratio 100
interface integrated-cable5/0/0:1
cable rf-bandwidth-percent 8 remaining-ratio 100
interface integrated-cable5/0/0:2
cable rf-bandwidth-percent 8 remaining-ratio 100
interface integrated-cable5/0/0:3
cable rf-bandwidth-percent 8 remaining-ratio 100

Where the 8 percent is the number that needs to be big enough. It will depend on how many voice you have on your network.

Check Your mailbox.

Check Your mailbox.
I send to you last firmware 9.1.103S1


Please can you pass your firmware to my email:

jos O (not verified)
FW arris

Can any of you nice people also send me the latest 9.1.1

Here is my email,

tvcable (not verified)
arris tg862a

hi could you send me firmware 9.1 for the cablemodem arris tg862a thanks

Hi, can you send me a

Hi, can you send me a firmware for Arris TG862 please? -email:


Can someone also email me the

Can someone also email me the latest 9.1.1? I would highly appreciate it. Thanks guys.

send it to

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