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arris tg862 no online

I have a CM arris TG862 this with CMTS Ubr7246 is excellent, but migrate to 10k, the CM checks the entire init process, in init (o) it shuts down and starts the process.

the file docsis , is file docsis para Ubr7246

more info


Can you give us more info

Are other brands of modems getting online ?

have you check the routing between the tftp server and the ubr10k

Yes, there are 3 more brands

Yes, there are 3 more brands that operate completely, in the details of connecting I see that they restart upon receiving the boot file that sends the TFTP, I decided to load a basic docsis cell for these modem and continue doing the same

Anonymous (not verified)

can you post the content of the file

What version firmware is on

What version firmware is on the TG862 ? eg 9.1.103S5P

What version IOS is on the uBR10k ? eg 12.2(33)SCH4

Is your 7246 running DOCSIS 2.0 linecards (eg MC28U), or DOCSIS 3.0 (eg MC88V)

What linecards do you have in the uBR10k (eg MC20X20V)

Do you have DS channel bonding enabled on the uBR10k ?

Do you have US channel bonding enabled on the uBR10k ?

Are the other working uBR10k modems DOCSIS 2.0 or are they DOCSIS 3.0 ?

What sort of US power levels do your uBR10k modems have?

Sometimes viewing the cable modem event log on the cable modem can give a clue as to why it is not liking the CM config file

You can enable telnet access on the TG862, then login and look to see why it is not completing registration.

Stripping the CM config file to bare minimum is a good idea

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