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Arris EMTA firmware


I just bought 100 or so Arris EMTAs (TM402P). Most of them work fine in the lab, but some of them won't take the SIP firmware. The problem is that the UpgradeServer = some wierd IP and the arrisCmDevSwAdminStatus is set to 3 (which is ignoreArrisProvisioingUpgrade). My is set to UpgradeServer = and arrisCmDevSwAdminStatus = 2 (allowArrisProvisioningUpgrade) and UpgradeFilename = TS060172_091809_NA.MODEL_4_5.SIP.TELNET_ON.img. Did Arris burn those settings into the chips of those EMTAs so I can't upgrade it? The device took the service flows and classes I put in the config file but no the upgrade stuff!!!!


What version of firmware is

What version of firmware is on the devices that won't upgrade?

Does the docsis way of upgrading work on those modems, versus the arris method you are using?

Here's the whole page of info.

CM Hardware Information

System: ARRIS DOCSIS 1.1 / PacketCable 1.0 Touchstone Telephony Modem HW_REV: 08
VENDOR: Arris Interactive, L.L.C.
BOOTR: 5.01
SW_REV: 5.3.19.D11PLUS
Product Type: 00000000 050e3942
Product Release: 00000008
Flash Part: MX29LV320BTC
Download Revision: 2
Firmware Revision: 5.3.19.D11PLUS
Serial Number: 4CLBG9F1C822154
Battery Charger FW Rev: 01.60
Options: DOCSIS1.0+

MTA Hardware Information

Mta Serial Number 4CLBG9F1C822154
Mta Type Identifier

Firmware Build and Revisions
Firmware Name: TS050319_110108_MODEL_4_5_6_D11PLUS
Firmware Build Time: Sat Nov 1 18:27:35 EDT 2008


I do not believe that they

I do not believe that they added the Arris firmware upgrade method until version 6 so you will need to use the normal docsis method to upgrade.

I thought I was

what is the normal Docsis method?

arrisCmDevSwAdminStatus = 2

arrisCmDevSwAdminStatus = 2 is the Arris Proprietary method to allow upgrades from snmp/config Which they added in version 6 of their firmware I believe
docsDevSWAdminStatus = 2 is the "Standard" way to upgrade via SNMP/config the oid is . fyi

The Difference between the Two methods is that the Arris Method allows you to specify multiple firmwares/servers in a config file based on a model number/type, whereas the docsis method is limited to one firmware/server per config

Yeah, I found it.

If anyone needs the syntax. Here it is:

SnmpMib = docsDevSwAdminStatus.0 allowProvisioningUpgrade
SnmpMib = docsDevSwServer.0
SnmpMib = docsDevSwFilename.0 "TS060177_102309_NA.MODEL_4_5.SIP.TELNET_ON.img"

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