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Arris DG3450A

I've got two questions, the current firmware is 01.01.132.sip.
when doing a scm phy, I noticed the ds snr is about 5 db lower than a Netgear cable modem. test setup, so no others to do apples and oranges with.
the return is 5-85Mhz, with sc Qams up to 42Mhz. remaining is used for ofdma.
I use Excentis (current release) to make modem file changes. the oid for upper diplex is different for the Netgear (no what Excentis uses)
and looks to be the same for Arris modem as well.
1. is there a newer firmware version available?
2. what string is needed to make the return 5-85Mhz instead of the default 5-42Mhz?

Currently, both modems side by side shows both with 32 sc Qams and 96Mhz ofdm. with ofdma configured for 42-85Mhz, only the Netgear modem is working with ofdma

Thank you

Commscope firmware

The 3450A firmware is up to 01.02.95-030921.SIP, we've steadied out on 01.02.78.SIP. Anything below 01.02.42 was before we went OFDM/OFDMA, so I can't reply to the reported SNR offsets. Our cBR8s are running "Gibraltar" 16.12 IOS

The Arris firmware from 01.02.48 for the device seems to default for autoconfig of the upstream diplexer, unlike the Arris CM8200, which defaults to 5-42mhz. I have a few customer-owned Netgear D3.0 on-system, never had to do anything for them to run the 5-85 diplexer set.


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