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Arris CMTS 1500 Documentation

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Arris CMTS 1500 Documentation

We have now acquired a few gateway's that are using the CMTS 1500. I can not find any documentation for the 1500 was wondering if anyone here has any they could put up for download. I have searched the Arris site and all I get is the links to the Training options. This is not a 1000, this looks nothing like a 1000 when you are logged into it. They are setup and running, but our monitoring platform relies on snmp traps to do part of its job. When I enter the info to specify a trap server I get this error "Unrecognizable octet string, reenter". I have tried many different ways and its always the same answer.

Any help would be appreciated.


Arris C1000/1500


Did you find documentation for the C1500. We have docs for the c1000 - how do we send it to you.

Arris1500 (not verified)
need documentation

I have a 1500 ARRIS and need to break the password as the person responsible is no longer with the company and left the computer locked


Left on good terms did he? lol
I don't know about the older Arris cmts's, but the older Motorola cmts's let you break the startup and set a flag to bypass the startup-config file. goes to a default and then you can do a copy start run and change the enable password. is there an option for this available on the Arris?


1.Power off the

1.Power off the device.
2.Press and hold UP and SELECT buttons.
3.Power up the device.
4.Release UP and SELECT buttons after message about diagnostics appears on the LCD.
5.Press 'E' and than 'C' (on terminal connected to console port).

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