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Arris CMTS 1000 CRC errors

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Arris CMTS 1000 CRC errors


Can anyone tell me the SNMP OID that identifies RF CRC errors and microreflections? I'm trying deal with customer complaints of slow Internet speeds. Bandwidth bottlenecking is usually the main cause, but I've noticed that CRC Errors really mess up speed too. Rather than telnet into the CMTS command line and type: modem state XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX, I'd like to just write it into my application.


Take a look here:
Take a look here: [url=][/url] That site in general has been incredibly valuable as I've built my snmp tools.
Still looking


I still need a way to grab the data I need. For example, when I type:

mod state 00:15:96:6A:8D:88

I Get:

Information for modem 00:15:96:6a:8d:88

Current state: Registered

Ranging info:
Ranged on upstream 2
Power level 117 tenths-of-dBmV
Distance one-way: 95 microseconds

Registration info:
Registered as IP address
DOCSIS 1.1 Operating Mode
Privacy is not enabled for this Modem
Modem Capabilities REQ by cm? Negotiated by cmts
Concatenation ------------------- Yes On
DOCSIS version ----------------- Yes 1.1
Fragmentation ------------------- Yes On
Payload Header Suppression ------ Yes On
IGMP ---------------------------- No Off
Privacy Support Type ------------ Yes BPI PLUS Support
Optional Filtering -------------- No Off
Downstream SAIDs Supported ------ Yes 15
Upstream SIDs Supported --------- Yes 16
Downstream Channel Change Support Yes Off

Number of Downstream Service Flows: 2 Admitted: 0 Active: 2
Number of Upstream Service Flows: 2 Admitted: 0 Active: 2

SID Scheduling Type
--- ---------------
4067 Best Effort
4077 Best Effort

Total Number of Classifiers: 2
Number of Classifiers on Upstream Admitted SFs: 1
Max Number of Classifiers on Upstream Admitted SFs: 20



Uptime: 0 days, 00:54:34


Initial Rangings 30
Invalid Rangings 0
Aborted Rangings 0

Registrations 26
Bad Registrations 0
Failed Registrations 0

CRC Errors 15011
HCS Errors 321
T5 Timeouts 0
SEQ Errors 0

I need a way (via SNMP) to read the CRC Errors ans HCS Errors. In doing so, I would be able to locate plant problems better and tell if they are subscriber home issues or plant issues. I'm just not sure where to look.


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