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ARRIS CMTS 1000 Configuration Problem

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Anonymous (not verified)
ARRIS CMTS 1000 Configuration Problem

Please Help me!!!!

We are a small ISP with 30 customers and we have to change from mmotorola to arris.
We've bought a nortel cmts 1000.
With motorola I just have to configure the CM-IpSpace and the CPE IpSpace and the dhcpserver.
Inside the dhcp we are doing the provisioning.
I think arris can do the same!
Could annyone please help me to get the arris configured or paste here a sample?
I looked inside the CLI and configured the IP Adress. I've updated the software to 3.6.2 but now I couldn't set the routing and the IP settings for the modems and the cpe's.


johanfirdi (not verified)
cmts 1000 configuration problem

You should have user documentation for cmts 1000. Cmts 1000 is bridge. they don't provide built in dhcp, so you should make dhcp and tftp server outside. I'm using cmts 1100, and make freebsd with dual ethernet, one ethernet face to cmts and another one face to dhcp/tftp.You should define dhcp server ip address in cmts.

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