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Arris Client Seed Issue

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Arris Client Seed Issue

I am having issues setting the arrisCmDoc30AccessClientSeed. We use Promptlink for provisioning. I generated the encoded seed with PacketACE and populated it in our config file. The issue we have is the modem gets stuck at init(o) with this in the file. When we remove it, it goes right online. Modem in question is a DG1670A with software 9.1.103AS.

Can you post a decoded

Can you post a decoded version of your config, it is easily done with the sourceforge project docsis and running the command

docsis -d

Unfortunately, no. We use

Unfortunately, no. We use PromptLink for provisioning and all config files are generated on the fly, I can't just download it. The best I can do is attached.

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That config does not have the

That config does not have the oid you are looking for arrisCmDoc30AccessClientSeed (
I don't have my arris mibs available to see what is but it is not arrisCmDoc30AccessClientSeed

Are you sure that is the right config?

here is what one from my config file looks like hex string changed to protect the innocent.

SnmpMibObject HexString 0xffffffffffffffff; /*arrisCmDoc30AccessClientSeed*/

Mike B (not verified)
Generate Seed in proper format

How do you generate the DES key used for the seed assigned to the OID, I am looking to set it for the newer Arris modems so our tech's can configure them remotely using the Arris POTD algorithim? Is there any way to do it besides Packet ACE? Or can I encrypt an Ascii value to HEX using single DES?

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