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Arris C4 vs. Cisco uBR10K

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Arris C4 vs. Cisco uBR10K


we have a few Arris C4, but in this new espansion, we find very good prices for Cisco uBR10K with PRE4 and MC20x20 RF Cards,
does anyone have both, to tell me the pros and cons of Cisco compare with Arris C4? We are using for VOICE, the DxQOS od C4
to create the separeted flows to voice, the Cisco (at the datasheet) tells that works the same, but i have doubts.

Thanks for your help,

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Decio Feijo

CMTS Vendors

You should look at Casa Systems CMTS products. There are card port density options significantly higher than Cisco at a better price.

My problem with the CASA,

My problem with the CASA, they dont have support and RMA in Brazil.

My problem with Casa

Have you recently looked at Casa? We (I work for them,) have a partner setup for support in Brazil. You can send me an email to the following generic account if you would like more infomation. From that email I'll respond from my Casa account.

proairpass at yahoo dot com

Check out the BSR64k

Motorola's been in Brazil a long time and the largest mso uses them.
Just a thought

N+1 Redundancy


do you need N+1 Redundancy? So please notice you need an external RF-Switch by Cisco CMTS.



One of ours customer

One of ours customer recently changed his C4 to some CASA CMTS and he said to me that there are some limits of max flows/classifiers on C4 and weak D3.0 implementation compares to CASA. Other ours customer run more then 10k CM / 4k MTA on one CISCO 10k without any problem.

affordable, robust provisioning and monitoring software for DOCSIS networks:

Arris C4

Greetings I am responding to an older post. It appears as if you are looking for solutions that are cost effective. We have several Arris C4 in stock used that we are looking to sell. They are DOCSIS 3.0 and are configured with SCMII, RCM, 16D, and 2D12U modules. Please let me know if you would be interested in learning more. Thank you.

Kurt Paulus
NW Remarketing
AOLIM: kurtnwr

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Arris C4, Motorola 64000HD's- Liquidating- Please email

Hello- I know this is a response to an old post but we currently have a quantity of Arris C4 Docsis 3.0 CMTS units in stock. A base unit has the 10G RCM, the 16D Docsis 3.0 module, 3 of the 2U12D module- Our unit include the Rack mount power convert (2400W) as well. We have the base units starting at $29,000 and the loaded units at (6x 16D modules, 6x 2U12D modules and dual RCM's) at $58,000. We also have the Motorola 64000 HD units in stock - Base docsis 3.0 units at TX32 modem cards and the 2x8 with etherflex cards- Base starts at $24,000 and a loaded unit is prices at $38,000. In addition- we have a number of Arris C3 1U 1x6 docsis 2.0 boxes that we will be selling- We are always stocking this gear- please contact me if you need any of this equipment- We will try to meet ANY budget. Please contact me if you have any questions (even if you read this as an old post) Chris Blackburn NWR Inc (503) 391-8191

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