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Arris C4 licence model questions ...

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Arris C4 licence model questions ...


We are looking to buy a Arris C4 or C4-C ...
But we have questions regarding Arris licence model.

Resellers want to sell us a "starting kit" with 16D+12U CAMs.

What is not clear for us in the Arris brochure is if the software licence cost is for each upstream/downstream channel o for each downstream/upstream CAM and if all extra features like Diffserv, VLAN, OSPF and BGP are available with any restrictions (per interface, per use,...)

With Arris C3 you can only create 2 VLANs with standard software and OSPF is limited to one interface for each licence ..

I'm practicaly sure that exists a "trap" here !

Somebody can light us ? Our resellers are unable (or might be don't want) to give us a clear and definitive answer...

Thank you


Unless you have money to waste, buy Casa. They are DOCSIS 3 Gold certified.


Sure, but the issue is that

Sure, but the issue is that we have 2 Casa Qam Edge (C2800 and C2100S) out of service. and Casa won't help us to fix it ... They don't have spare for C2100S and C2800 has a bug with software ...

You can imagine why we don't want to buy Casa anymore !
It's true that on the paper Casa cmts looks amazing ... but for us support is the most important after hardware and features.

Don't compare C2100 and

Don't compare C2100 and C2200..10200
I'm using Casa C3200 since 6 months and in my opinion support works great!
They solved advanced problem for few hours since I sent it to the support.
Lets try first... ;)

BTW - did you ask guys from Arris how many service flows can support C4... ??

Br Darek

It's Ironic

Casa dropped support for their edge qams once they (could) started building a CMTS years ago. Now that CCAP is here they claim all this previous video expertise and sucess. Just a story...

Depends on the firmware

We have some C4 and C4c's and we don't have any restrictions regarding OSPF, BGP, VLAN, etc. That depends on the firmware version that you are running, and if you have an active support contract with them, I don't see any ¡ssue stopping you from running the latest stable release.

Regarding the licensing of 16D/12U, you have you buy a per-card licence, for example: you can upgrade your 16D card to XD(32D), with the upstreams card you have to make sure you are buying 24U Hardware (if you need only 12 upstreams jusy buy the 12U licence), the old 12U hardware (these come with 2DS ports that you won't use) can't be upgraded to a 24U licence.

Hope this helps.

Arris support works great, and they are very stable.


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