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Arris C3 and TFTP problems

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Arris C3 and TFTP problems


I am using Arris C3 CMTS in the network more than one year. The machine worked well all this time. A few days a go I detect some problems with transferring of CMs config file from TFTP through this CMTS to CMs.

On C3 is 290 CMs. First approximately 210 CMs immediately download their conf file. CMs which try to connect after approximately 210 successfully registration complete CMs, they needed more than 15 min for downloading there config file. On cable modem log is the message TFTF request sent but no response received.

DHCP gives the CMs after the Arris CMTS the IPs and shows that in DHCP events (CMs are now waiting on their conf file and are in state “init (rc)”.

From DHCP server is not possible to ping those CMs, from C3 CMTS is possible to do that.

I check and make all possible tests on IP network between the DHCP TFTP and the Arris CMTS. I also check the CMTS and I do no see anything on the CMTS what can explain specific behavior of the CMTS. I load the latest boot file, but the problems with downloading of config files for CMs are still there. C3 is working as L2 bridge with default setting.