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Arris 1000 power settings

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Arris 1000 power settings

Hey everyone,

I am trying to figure out what would be the best power settings for an Arris 1000 CMTS. I currently have it set to 550W which I found from an older config in another Arris 1000 CMTS. I was just curious what the max power setting would be.

Thanks in advance!

ARRIS - Power Setting

Pardon, ... why would you want to or need to adjust power?

Arris 1000

I'm just trying to look at a few different settings to help troubleshoot an issue. My boss had given me the idea that it could be something with the power setting. I did not know if there was a max power setting or not. The device is managed remotely and there is no one on site to visibly look and see if there is anything that would indicate the proper power settings. We do not have documentation on any of the maximum or reccomended settings.

The only thing we do have at this point is the original config to go by that was created some time ago. I don't think the power settings will affect the issues, but I was curious in general.

Power - Remote setting/s

Referencing yours just above, ... understood, now. You're speaking "RF" power out, downstream. I'm an ex ARRIS hardware Engineer from back in the day of 1000, 1100 & 1500 production and still repair/refurb these CMTS within an in-house lab. There are 2 power settings (510, and 610 dbmv) for that internal upconverter. That said, given the service record (or lack thereof) when the CMTS was serviced last, the 610 dbmv setting most likely will result in unwanted spurs and noise.

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