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Arris 1000 cmts - how to specify upstream ?

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Arris 1000 cmts - how to specify upstream ?

Hello, I have a Arris 1000 CMTS system and our customers are using Motorola SB5101E modems.

I need to put several of these modems on different upstream than the rest, but so far I had no luck with it.

I made a different conf file for these modems, and I used a UpstreamChannelId function, but nothing happens. DHCP pases correct boot file to these modems, but they simply ignore UpstreamChanelID command and connect to the first upstream as all others do.

Do I have to make additional changes that I am unaware of or do I have some other problem ?

I use Motorola BSR systems -

I use Motorola BSR systems - on those, I create a load-balance group and place the upstream ports in that group. It sends UCCs to the modems after registration to place them on the channel with the least number of modems. Truthfully, I didn't even know you could specify a channel in the DHCP config. I wonder if that's a vendor specific (Arris) modem parameter?

Do you have a link to any docsis docs that describe upstream channel setup via DHCP? I'm curious since I hadn't heard of it before.

No, I specify

No, I specify UpstreamChannelId in config file. DHCP is used only to specify which config file is sent.

I have solved my problems with UpstreamChannelId, one of the upstream cards was not working correctly.

Hi, I have arris 1000 and

Hi, I have arris 1000 and 1500 working with CMs motrola, arris, thomson, webstar, and i haven't got any problem with defined upstream card using config file, but i have only motrola sb4200E.
You shoud test (for example in the laboratory) if its the same problem when u defined upstream card from modem web page level

Here u r very simple config file: (in my configuration cmts 1000 + sb4200e works properly

DownstreamFrequency 410000000;
UpstreamChannelId 2;
NetworkAccess 1;
ClassID 1;
MaxRateDown 1024000;
MaxRateUp 256000;
PriorityUp 1;
GuaranteedUp 8192;
MaxBurstUp 0;
PrivacyEnable 0;

MaxCPE 1;

Kind regards,

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