Anyone using the CBR-SUP-250G card on cbr8? |

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Anyone using the CBR-SUP-250G card on cbr8?

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Anyone using the CBR-SUP-250G card on cbr8?

We just turned up our first cbr8 with the 250G supervisor card.
It was a fight, getting the 100g port set correctly, but after that, it went ok.

Now, the cbr8 is online and in service, and I've found that Cacti is no longer able to see the upstream SNR on the cbr.
Doing a walk of . displays all 0's.
Everything else about the upstream is fine.
I've got a case opened with Cisco, but so far haven't heard any news.
Entering a show controller upstream-cable 0/0/0 | i SNR
does work.

Anyone else have any experience, or ideas to try?



In case anyone runs into this, it is a bug in the IOS. We are running, and there is a newer code, which fixes it.
However there is a work around, and thats to use
Which of course doesn't show up in a normal snmpwalk.


Thanks for posting update!

Thanks for posting update!

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