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Allowable CPE behind modem config file.

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Allowable CPE behind modem config file.

Dumb question but how may CPE's can a docsis 1.0 CM file allow? Is there even a limit? I am trying to come off of a cable modem (Building A) that has a static public ip and wirelessly send ethernet across a lake using two mikrotik 411 routerboards then go into a CMTS again (Building B). I do not desire to NAT behind the second CMTS so i am wanting to allow public IP's (CPE side) on my class c to tunnel through.

Here's an idea:

If your first CMTS and Building A aren't too far part, just Ethernet or fiber them and take the first cable modem out of the equation.


Cant happen

Cant do that because it is about a mile down from the main headend CMTS.

Where there's a wire there's a way.

if at all possible fiber

if at all possible fiber would be the way to go, you can use inexpensive LH Gbics ($79 ea, 5 mile range, need 2)and cisco 3500 switches ($130 ea) and single mode fiber (common in Cable Networks ) to connect the two buildings. You could also use CWDM Gbics if you don't have a dedicated fiber you can use.

However if you cannot do that, do not use a cable modem as a bridge, it can act as such but your going to run into performance problems the more devices running behind it you get.

I think it would be better to throw a switch in each headend, if you do not have one already, and connect your microtik wireless devices straight to the switch and use them to form a wireless backhaul bridge.

short answer

32 CPEs behind a CM.


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