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Administration of Cable Plant

I'm working on a setup to manage all of my modems in terms of creating a customer database in sql and making all of their statistics available from within their account. So far, I've written every stitch of code myself and it's quite tedious. I was curious if there are any open source solutions that can be modified to fit the description i've got. mainly, I'd like to be able to quickly search for a customer, pull up their account and see registration info, docsis counters/stats and maybe graphed info(that's what is slowing me up a bit right now). I can keep charging ahead but I was just looking for a few shortcuts to make my life easier.

I'll make sure I spread the word about this site as well since as most readers here are aware, this kind of information just isn't available on the internet. There are droppings here and there but most of it seems dated which doesn't make sense. I understand the CMTS is losing it's luster with FTTP coming out strong but there is still much of the world that still relies on CMTS. Might be wise to go with a canned solution but so far that hasn't been the case for myself. Any info is appreciated!

Try at

Try at sourceforge:

There is ISG Tools & DOCSIS Modem Tools. For graph you can use RRDTools.

We wrote our own


I started writing ours in `01 and just kept going with it. I handles the whole company now; billing, work orders, graphs, maps of our cable properties, cameras in the head ends, temperatures in the head ends. It's pretty cool. It all runs on Linux using mySQL, PHP and a touch of javascript.


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Eric, I actually got done


I actually got done adding graphing with RRDtool just this evening. I'm curious if you ran into any performance issues. I'm running an athlon 2500 with 512 of memory. I watched my servers stats(phpsysinfo for anybody that wants a quick and easy way to pull their server stats) and noticed that my memory is pegged out...that's not much of a surprise. It has done that before but it seems to be stuck there, not spiking. Also, the CPU and chassis went up about 20 degress F. It doesn't seem alarming but I'm thinking maybe bumping the ram to 1gb will maybe take some of the load off the rest of the components like the CPU and HD to keep it from using swap. I don't seem to noticed any slowdowns on the computer itself but I have locked a couple VI sessions which it has never ever done before. I'm trying to graph 2000 nodes every 15 minutes so maybe I should back that off but if more power will do the trick I'd rather invest the money for the extra data. I have done "time ./" and it does take roughly 14 minutes so it's probably running snmpgets continually. any reflections from your experiences are very much appreciated.

If you are doing monitoring

If you are doing monitoring perhaps you should look into Zenoss. Its snmp agent is much more optimized than a shell script and it takes advantage of threading. I am still in the process of getting all the details right with it, but with 700 modems I have loaded in right now it finished the roughly 14000 snmp requests in about 17 seconds. Takes a min or so to update all the rrd files though. But it is not even breaking a sweat doing it. It takes the readings every 5 mins.

Zenoss also has the ability to Discover your network, in its simplest form you can add the network then choose discover and have it find all your modems for you, it is also template based, so you create your template and it is automatically applied to all of the devices/interfaces of the that type. You can also script the discovery from the command line.

You would probably need a little better hardware to run zenoss on, we have a core 2 duo with 2 gigs of ram. The bottle necks are Ram and Disk writes.

The next step in our install is to get the distributed part working, moving the data collectors onsite. This will distribute the collecting load but still make it available from one central location, important for us because we have half a dozen headends, in multiple cities and states.

I would be happy to share my config of templates for zenoss if your interested.

Zenoss is Open source software, with different pricing including a free version. And no, I do not work for them. :D

Zenoss and docsis

Hi to all
At this moment I´m using cacti with the templates for the cablemodem host but I´m triying in another pc Zenoss. It looks like so good.
Could anyone help me with the template to get a cablemodem monitorized with Zenoss?
I was looking for it but I didn´t found it.

Thanks in advanced to all

JEAN CARLOS (not verified)


There's no opensource, but
Customer Data Integrated into DOCSIS Diagnostics Tools

Synchronizing customer data (i.e. john smith; 123 Main Street; Bronze Package)
with the info in the DOCSIS network (i.e. Modem MAC; CMTS SNR per upstream)
is the missing link for true efficiency in an internet support operation.

A former Cable Operator in the South East US wrote his own Solution and
then started Integrated Broadband Services ( IBBS works
traditionally with Tier 2 and Tier 3 cable operators in an ASP (hosted) model,
so there are zero hardware, software (license) or annual maintenance costs.
The simple fact that our roots are from actually running a cable internet operation
has given us a unique perspective.

Let me know if you want to chat about this.

We don't have a formal

We don't have a formal customer management system, but we assign the end of hostname in for each CM MAC in DHCP with the customer's username on our ISP server. That username is associated with a telephone number, and that ties it to our billing system.

It's a kludge, admittedly, but it works very well with little extra work on our end. I would prefer to associate each customer's billing record with a CM MAC and have it filter down from there, but alas that kind of integration would not be fluid enough (i.e. not propagate down quickly enough).


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