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ac voltage on coax question

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ac voltage on coax question

Can anyone explain to me if seeing 50+ volt AC on a coax line (with multimeter BLACK to ground RED to coax connected to docsis equipment) at the demarcation is a problem that will cause signal drop outs? None of the equipment we use has a 3 prong plug and most consumer electronics don't either so I would expect to see these readings since all of the 2 prong equipment on that circuit would be looking for the shortest patch to ground. We have been told to install a lightning surge arrestor to stop the drop outs but I don't think it is going to solve anything better then a regular ground block even if this is truly the reason for the drop outs. Thanks for your time.

I would be concerned that

I would be concerned that there is a bad neutral near an edison power transformer. When I've seen this in my field tech days it usually caused the coax drop to heat up and melt.

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