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About the flap list

Hi group

I would like to learn more about the flaps. We're using BSR2K from Motorola and want to know exactly how this measure works and how can I read those output values. Also I want know if you guys are using it as a tool for troubleshooting or not.

Thanks in advanced.


If you keep an historic of each customer/modem, too many flaps are a strong indicator that the cable needs adjusting.

Sorry my late post

Hi group

Thanks for your answer ruiribeiro! I would like to know how much is "too many" ? I mean is there any limit for the flap? one flap is as bad as 10 flaps?

Thanks in advanced

Well that kind of depends on

Well that kind of depends on what kind of service quality you are offering - In the ideal world there should be 0 flaps pr modem - in real life you WILL see some occasional flaps on even the best connected modems.

It's important to look at it as "flaps over x time" - if you have multiple flaps each 24 hours I'd say that the modem might have connection issues that needs some investigation - but that might vary from plant to plant.. Like I said depends on what kind of quality/reliability you want to offer the customer.

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