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32 Downstream Channel Confing

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32 Downstream Channel Confing

Hi! We have some CM that when are in a 32 Channels bonding takes only one frecuency and when they are in 16 Channels works on bonding. Only happen with some cable modems and not all firmwares.
The CMTS is a CASA C10G.
We doesn't get the correct firmware from the original supplier, someone has any clue to try a workaround without configuring only 16 Channles?
PD: Sorry for me enligsh


what software version are you running on the C10g?
can you post running config when set for 32 channel bonding (service groups and docsis mac's)?
what modems do work and what modems do not work when doing 32 channel bonding?
do the modems that don't bond have newest or new firmware?


Thanks! The problems are only

Thanks! The problems are only in SMC cablemodems models SMCD3GN5VM, SMCD3GNV5M and D3GNV5NCS-RES
with an old firmware and I need the firmware but nowbody answer anymore on SMC or Humax

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