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/30 Subnets for Subscribers?

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/30 Subnets for Subscribers?

How do I do this? I'm using a BSR 64000.

My test network has a gateway with a single public IP and static routes for two /24 LANs. One for CPE and one for CMs.

I currently have a single cable bundle with a primary IP for CPE and a secondary IP for modems. The CMTS has 5 slave interfaces which represent my nodes.

I want to get rid of the NAT gateway, and I also don't want all of the CPEs to share a /24 address space — I'd like to create /30 point-to-point networks for each subscriber.

Is there a simple way to do this? Is there a complicated and tedious way to do this?

too much work

you would need allot of scopes on the dhcp server, simply reserve mac addresses for a given ip for the cpe side. if your looking to separate nodes with their own networks, then simple create multiple cable bundles and setup each node with it's own cable bundle. so node one would be, node two would be and so on..

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