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12.4 - IOS Cisco - uBR

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12.4 - IOS Cisco - uBR

Hi All - Anyone have a 12.4 IOS copy for uBR7100, 7200, or 10000, please?

ios ubr 7200 release 12.4

ios 12.3.23 is the most current release according to thier download page

Depends on what actual

Depends on what actual hardware you have if you have a UBR7246VXR with a NPEG1 and MC28U/MC28X/MC88V cards or a 1000 chassis with current non-end-of-lifed cards the latest IOS is 12.2.33 SCH1 for all other UBR7xxx the latest IOS is 12.3.23 and it is quite old, Cisco is no longer actively developing for these Chassis unless you have a non end-of-lifed card in them.

the 12.2 train is the only train being actively updated.

Yep, 12.2SC is the one you

Yep, 12.2SC is the one you want

ios ubr 7200 release 12.4

....... I'll go back to the source who advised me of 12.4 .

JJ (not verified)
IOS UBR 7200

im looking for IOS Release for NPE-G2 ? anyone help ?

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