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12 Channels Downstream - uBR10K

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12 Channels Downstream - uBR10K
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           In a cmts cisco uBR10K I am trying to work with 12 channels downstream by 2 upstream. In the network I only have cable docsis 2.0 and 8x4 docsis 3.0. I want the amount of 2.0 cables per downstream x upstream to be balanced. I'm trying to get the 8x4 3.0 cable also balanced. In the example of the file attached the fiber-node cable 50 and 51 worked but the 53 cables 3.0 only picked up a downstream channel and 1 upstream. Can you configure this? Anyone have an idea?

Thank you, Flavio.

The fiber-node statement has

The fiber-node statement has to match what channels are physically wired to a given node

So you should remove the 3 x fiber-node statements, and replace with single statement such as

cable fiber-node 50
description Teste 12 Canais
downstream Integrated-Cable 5/0/0 rf-channel 0-3
downstream Integrated-Cable 5/0/1 rf-channel 0-3
downstream Integrated-Cable 5/0/4 rf-channel 0-3
upstream Cable 5/0 connector 0-1

12 Downstream

Dear Mbow;

I did the suggested configuration. I placed 8 cables docsis 3.0 8x4 in a test environment. 4 cables picked up 5/0/0-5/0/1 and 4 got 5/0/0-5/0/4 and none caught 5/0/1-5/0/4. There really is no way to have a complete balance of cable 3.0 in this configuration.

Thanks, Flavio.

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