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Disable Docsis 2 modems

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Disable Docsis 2 modems

Is there any way I can stop Docsis 2 modems from coming online, either with an OID in a docsis config file, or via something on the CMTS (Cisco UBR 10k). We are in the process of phasing these out from our network and once done, we want to deny access to all modem types less than docsis 3.

probably not super easy on

probably not super easy on the CMTS itself, probably better suited on the DHCP server.

best way I can think of is to filter modems that claim to be docsis 2.0 by looking at Option61 in the dhcp messages. Docsis modems will advertise their version number there.

e.g. docsis2.0

then you can either deny the modem DHCP address to truly keep it offline, or you can give it a modem config with the network access disabled. So it will get online but won't be able to browse.

Thanks, that will probably

Thanks, that will probably work, I'll look into setting up such a filter at the DHCP server, maybe setup a redirect or something.

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