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BPI+ OIDs in DOCSIS 1.1 CM File

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BPI+ OIDs in DOCSIS 1.1 CM File

Is there any BPI+ SNMP OIDs required in the DOCSIS 1.1 CM file for proper operation?



I'm not using any snmp as far as BPI+ goes in my modem files, not sure if others can add to this. but here's my BPI+ side of the modem file

17 (Baseline Privacy Configuration Settings Block)
S01 Author Wait Timeout = 10
S02 Re-auth Wait Timeout = 10
S03 Author Grace Timeout = 600
S04 Oper Wait Timeout = 10
S05 Re-key Wait Timeout = 10
S06 TEK Grace Time = 3600
S07 Auth Rej Wait Timeout = 60
S08 SA Map Wait Timeout = 10
S09 SA Map Max Retries = 10
18 (Maximum Number of CPE) = 4
29 (Privacy Enable) = 1

Hope this helps


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