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thomson CM firmware upgrade and DHCP server

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thomson CM firmware upgrade and DHCP server


Does anyone know how can I detect
thomshon CM into my linux dhcp server ?

I need to upgrade CM firmware upgrade.

I supose that I should use "spawn" command or something like that ? isnt'it ?
Anyway ... Any help, tips is welcome

Thank you

It can be done but it is

It can be done but it is tricky to do.

you need to look at the option vendor-encapsulated-options (aka option 43) it is encoded in HEX so you will either need to do HEX string matching or define your own options for it, in a mixed enviroment of modems i.e. thomson, motorola, SA, Arris I would go for HEX string matching.

your gonna need to look at the dhcp-options man page for details found here

then you would want to use a class with a match-if statement something like this

class "CM" {
match if substring(option vendor-encapsulated-options,0,6) = "02:04:54:48:4F:4D";
filename "Upgrade.bin";
option bootfile-name "Upgrade.bin";

in vendor-encapsulated-options 02:04:54:48:4F:4D is broken down like so

02 is the sub option
04 is length of suboption in bytes
54:48:4F:4D = Decimal 84:72:79:77 Ascii:THOM

I don't know what vendor-encapsulated options a Thomas modem sends I don't have access to one, you will need to decode the data it sends by hand,

use the ascii table to decode it nearly all of the info in vendor encapsulated options is Ascii encoded with exception of mac address which will be hex encoded but it should be pretty obvious.

You can get what the suboptions are supposed to be from this document starting on page 5.

Be aware however most older modems do not spit out much of this information so you will need to hand decode a few of the options to see what they spit out.

hopefully that will get you going down the right path...

There is another possiblity as well, not sure it applies to thomson modems, but you may be able to match them based on the mac address, with motorola modems they all have mac addresses starting with one of dozen hardware ids (first 6 digits) i.e. any modem mac that starts with 002040 is a motorola , motorola maintains a list of their mac address ids perhaps thomson does something similar

then you could do
class "CM" {
match if substring(option hardware-address,0,3) = "00:20:40";
filename "Upgrade.bin";
option bootfile-name "Upgrade.bin";

xsimio (not verified)
my deploy

i have in cm config files the upgrade configuration, if the firmware need to be upgraded is upgraded otherwise not ... is not enough for U ?

try this

worked just fine:
option space vsi;
option vsi.version code 6 = string;
option vsi.version_old code 202 = string;
option vsi-pkt code 43 = encapsulate vsi;

class "upgrade_tcm390" {
match if option vsi.version_old = "ST32.0E.10"; #or version- epends on modem!
next-server 192.168.X.Y;

Next thing to do is to run another instance of tftpd on 192.168.X.Y instead of your standard location 192.168.X.Z.
Replace files on X.Y wih upgrade files.

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