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problem boot cmts mode router <boot> help.!!

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problem boot cmts mode router <boot> help.!!
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hello engineers
I have a problem with my cmts cisco xvr1740 and it is the following ..
My cmts when starting when I turn on the power switch goes into rommon mode, I can load the OS and configure it, but the problem is the following .. when disconnecting the cmts from the electric power and reconnecting it, it already enters the state router, this happens every time I disconnect it from the electrical power source, except if I just reboot it there if it loads the correct boot configuration, any clue what may be happening with this cmts? It is worth mentioning that I have already tried the commands to save the configuration of my cmts such as, I have tried several versions of os but it is always the same error. I've been trying to solve it for days but without success.

I have attached some images that may give a clue as to whether I am making a mistake ...

Confreg value

You need to change your Config register value. It says in your show version that it is 0x0 , which boots it to rommon.

Haven't dealt with that old of cable routers, but I would assume it's the same, so set it to 0x2102

when in rommon type confreg 0x2102

When in the router config mode config-register 0x2102.

problem boot cmts mode router <boot> help.!!

I did everything recommended, I managed to make the cmts start, but the same problem always occurs and that is that when the cmts is disconnected from the electric power, the boot configuration is completely erased and it starts again in router mode, it will be that Is the NPE-G defective?

It says no usable boot

It says no usable boot devices, what is the bootvar? It can't find it or is set incorrectly. Looks like it enters the config each time. Read those messages, when you do dir is it bootflash: flash0: etc?

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