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Cisco 10k DTI Setup

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Cisco 10k DTI Setup

We have a couple of 10ks running MC20x20 cards. We are not running m-cmts as yet but want to start getting ready.

I have dual DTI cards in one server, one needs upgraded I can't find anything on it. Should we set up dti timing or does it do anything for this setup? Is it worthwhile to go ahead and get a timer?

What is the configuration for the DTI cards and failover? Does it have any affect on our existing setup?


You don't need DTI if you

You don't need DTI if you only have 2020 cards.

If you want to add some SPA24 and/or 3G60 then you need to add an edgeqam.
The edgeqam and CMTS need to be kept in sync, so this requires a DTI server.
The DTI server plugs into the DTCC cards on the CMTS, and into the timing ports on the EdgeQAM.

To tell the CMTS to use the external DTI clocking, add this command : "cable clock dti".
Note, when you switch the clocking source, all modems will get kicked.
So make sure you apply the change during a maintenance window, not in the middle of the day.

The CMTS handles the failover between the 2 x DTCC cards.
You don't need to add any particular commands to control this.

If you see warnings in your CMTS logs about DTCC not having latest firmware, you can request an upgrade like this:
cable clock upgrade 1/1 (or 2/1)
Probably service impacting, so I would suggest you do it during a maintenance window.

I suppose you could use DTI with 2020, but its just adding extra equipment / more points of failure, for no real benefit.



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