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No access allowed for SIP MIBs

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No access allowed for SIP MIBs


I got the arris SIP firmware, installed it. I did some research and found some instructions for configuring arris for SIP at

The thing is that when I try to set a new value for MIB arrisMtaDevProvMethod I get an error saying no access. Does anyone know why this is happening ?

Where are you setting it at?

Where are you setting it at? via cli? or in a modem config file?

As far as I know that oid is only writable during the parse of the modem config, after the modem is booted it is read only.

What tool are you using to create the config with?

derajali (not verified)
Thanks for the reply, I was

Thanks for the reply, I was trying to do it via a MIB browser, and just set a new value for the MIB.

Can you suggest any tools for me, for editing the modem config file?

The config file should be on the tftp server right? Do you know of a way of figuring out the name of the config file using the MIB browser. I only have access to the MIBs

The thing is that i'm a co-op student and the people I work with done really have time to guide me or even give documentation, and I'm taking on this SIP thing as my own little project. So I really appreciate the help. Sry if my questions are dumb, I tried to google this stuff but there jus isnt enough information about arris eMTA available.

In order to get the SIP eMTA

In order to get the SIP eMTA to work you will need

1) access to the config file and the ability to change it. The open source command line tool docsis (find it at sourceforge) is suffient but Arris's Packetace is much easier to use and has a gui. (Only available to Arris Customers)

2) The dhcp server for your network must be capable of responding to dhcp option 122 and you must be able to configure option 122 parameters on it.

3) A SIP endpoint i.e. Asterisk to connect the SIP eMTA to.

The Arris eMTA is only configurable by the cable operator, if you do not have access to these things it will not be possible to configure it.

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