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BSR64000 Motorola

good day to everyone.
it turns out that I have a motorola cmts, out of nowhere 3 ports of the R48 card stopped working, I made the configuration in a new interface and I can not get the cable modem online again using the ports that stopped working.
someone who can help me to see what happened.

sh run / show log?

what's the running config look like? is there anything in the log file that show something regarding that card?
What's the receive level set at?

Do you have an RX48-STBY card

Do you have an RX48-STBY card? Have you failed it over? Y/N?
Standby cards are always in slot 6. They cannot be in any other slot. If you're running an SRM4, and have 5 rx48's and one is in slot 6, it is most likely an RX48STBY.

If you haven't, try failing it over. If the ports are still not working, replace the rear I/O, plug it back in, fail it back over.
If still not working, you can use an old 2x8 rear I/O card in lieu of an rx48 rear I/O in a pinch.

I had this happen, it was a bad rear I/O. Doesn't mean that's your issue though.

cmcaldas would know the failover command off the top of his head, ha.

show run
show inventory
show environment
show ver

all should be helpful.

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