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Arris 820A Modems

Looking for firmware version 7.5.93D.

Email to proairpass (at)

That version is pretty old,

That version is pretty old, latest is more like 9.1.103S

I'll take it.

I'll take it.


Hi MBowe
I can't find the firmware on digital cm.. modems I have are running BOOTR:; SW_REV: 7.5.93D; MODEL: CM820A
Could I get the newest you have?

thank you in advance

Firmware sources

Motorola family modems (now sometimes branded as Arris) firmwares

For Arris brand modem firmwares you need to use

In fact it looks like

In fact it looks like digitalcm has recently been discontinued, is now the place for all Arris / Motorola FW.


I have TS0901103S5Y_080618_NA.WBM760_CM820 if anyone needs it.

modem firmware

Hi TeleKawaru please

Thank you in advance

Hi. Please, send it to floop

Hi. Please, send it to, if you can )
Thanks you

It's work?

You were able to successfully flash the modem? We have a trouble with CVC verification.
if I install CVC from a new firmware, the check fails and the new firmware does not download.
If I install CVC from an old firmware, the check fails after downloading a new firmware.
Please help me understand what i do wrong.

The problem may be that the

The problem may be that the CVC was changed, but usually that depends on the modem model.

If I get CVC errors, I generally extract the CVC directly from the firmware, using the info in step 3 (theres a small bash script to do it):


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