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Guys, please give me a question. with the uBR10-MC5X20S linecard I can do channel bonding with the 5 downstream for a cable modem docsis 8x4 pick up at least 5 downstream channels ?

Thank you.

The linecard you say is a D2

The linecard you say is a D2.0 linecard but you can setup a D3.0 setup together with a edgeqam.
There is also no need for a DTI source if you setup edgeqam channels as secondary.

without dti server

Thanks for the answer. Just one more doubt. in which case will the docsis 2.0 cables only register on the primary channel?

I could have an architecture with two primary channels via 5x20 card and three unique docssi 3.0 channels via edqam without dti server?

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