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SNMP Access | Motorola SBG6580 Arris DG860

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SNMP Access | Motorola SBG6580 Arris DG860

Hello All

I have a problem, with access SNMP the CMs to reset or get info, the file what I am using its public community, no BPI, and all CM are working but no this 2 models.

do you have any idea how I can check or do to get SNMP link communication from server and SNMP, others CM are working but no this models,

here a verbose from CMTS, please let me know, cause I dont have more ideas about what do to make it work.


CMTSX#show cable modem 20e5.645e.2685 verbose

MAC Address : 20e5.645e.2685
IP Address :
IPv6 Address : ---
Dual IP : N
Prim Sid : 28
Host Interface : C3/0/U0
MD-CM-SG : 0x0
Wideband Capable : N
RCP Index : 0
RCP ID : 00 00 00 00 00
Multi-Transmit Channel Mode : N
Upstream Channel : US0
Ranging Status : sta
Upstream Power (dBmV) : 0.00
Upstream SNR (dB) : 36.12
Received Power (dBmV) : 5.00
Timing Offset (97.6 ns): 1052
Initial Timing Offset : 1052
Rng Timing Adj Moving Avg(0.381 ns): -18
Rng Timing Adj Lt Moving Avg : -61
Rng Timing Adj Minimum : -256
Good Codewords rx : 3506504
Corrected Codewords rx : 4090
Uncorrectable Codewords rx : 330
Phy Operating Mode : tdma
sysDescr :
Downstream Power : 0.00 dBmV (SNR = ----- dB)
MAC Version : DOC2.0
QoS Provisioned Mode : DOC1.1
Enable DOCSIS2.0 Mode : Y
Modem Status : {Modem= online, Security=disabled}
Capabilities : {Frag=Y, Concat=Y, PHS=Y}
Security Capabilities : {Priv=, EAE=N, Key_len=}
L2VPN Capabilities : {L2VPN=Y, eSAFE=N}
Sid/Said Limit : {Max US Sids=16, Max DS Saids=15}
Optional Filtering Support : {802.1P=N, 802.1Q=N, DUT=Y}
Transmit Equalizer Support : {Taps/Symbol= 1, Num of Taps= 24}
Number of CPE IPs : 1(Max CPE IPs = 16)
CFG Max-CPE : 4
Flaps : 10(Aug 15 20:36:12)
Errors : 0 CRCs, 0 HCSes
Stn Mtn Failures : 0 aborts, 9 exhausted
Total US Flows : 1(1 active)
Total DS Flows : 1(1 active)
Total US Data : 47522 packets, 6106281 bytes
Total US Throughput : 14961 bits/sec, 10 packets/sec
Total DS Data : 104023 packets, 136364370 bytes
Total DS Throughput : 548011 bits/sec, 50 packets/sec
DSA/DSX messages : permit all
Number of Multicast DSIDs Support : 16
MDF Capability Mode : 0
IGMP/MLD Version : IGMPv2
FCType10 Forwarding Support : N
Features Bitmask : 0x0
Total Time Online : 1h06m
CM Initialization Reason : POWER_ON
CFG Max IPv6 CPE Prefix : 16 (-1 used)


snmp access is set in the config file of the modem.
Check this file in your tftp server and compare with files that are ok.

Yes I checked the files

Yes I checked the files config, in fact are the same for any cable modem

but jus work on old Cable Modems, but not on this new Motorola 6580 or arris.

its possible are blocked from factory?


You set snmp in the config

You set snmp in the config file.
There is no other setting if your modem is docsis compliant.
You should have different version for each modem to manage firmware upgrade...
If snmp is not working maybe ranging have not terminated correctly?
You can also try to access through telnet and check the modem info.

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