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Arris C4 M-CMTS


I would like to know how can I use the Arris C4 CMTS as M-CMTS.

I know the Cisco version: 3Gx60 with gigabit DEPI tunnel and any RFGW. (1 or 10) There is a time server what connected both.
But not clear for me how can I make this with Arris .
Arris have RFGW too called Arris D5.
The D5 has DTI port for the time server, it is clear.

On the C4 chassis where is the DTI port?
Where are the ports for DEPI? Perhaps the RCM ports are reconfigurable?

Thank you!


Perhaps we had a similar situation on Cisco ubr10k with 5x20 linecards and rfgw10.
As long we had the primary downstream on the 5x20 linecards in use we had no requirement for a DTI server. Even with additional secondary downstreams on rfgw10. A migration from 5x20 to 3G60, where all downstreams moved to rfgw10, made a DTI server necessary.

There is NO support in C4

There is NO support in C4 ARRIS machine for M-CMTS architecture !
It is only I-CMTS (integrated) on D16 or D32 cards as MAC controllers, all DS channels onboard.

D5 is EDGE QAM device and can work as M-CMTS or as DigitalTV (QAM modulator).
Any M-CMTS type machine can work with ARRIS D5..... but not C4.

Modern CMTSes moved from idea to be a Modular (M-CMTS) architecture. As now you can get D3.0/3.1 CMTSes with 64 or 128 QAMs right on board !
You can travel QAMs signal between CMTS and EdgeQAM using fiber optics for very long distance ! But DTI signal syncing CMTS and QAM modulator is not !

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