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RFGW-10 Power

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RFGW-10 Power

Greetings everyone, I know this isn't DOCSIS specific but I was hoping someone could help me with a few questions. We are planning to move into the M-CMTS world with an RFGW-10, PRE4 and MC3GX60V cards from an I-CMTS(MC20x20V). We currently use AC power for the uBR but the RFGW is DC only. Does anyone have a real world power usage for this particular setup of the RFGW? I plan to use most all of the DS-384 QAMs(about 500). The Cisco documentation says about 4500W but that seems awfully high(almost 100A!).

Chassis(2x SUP7-E, 2x TCC, 12x RFSW1, etc..)
4x DS-384(128QAM license)

How do you power the RFGW?

UPS > rectifier > RFGW
Rectifier > batteries > RFGW

Thanks everyone!

RF-Gateway Power

One that we just removed was using 5 of the 384 cards (and a 6th one as redundant) and 320 downstreams was using 36.5 amps. We replaced it with a cbr-8, which draws a 'mere' 86 amps.
Also, I believe the 10k with 3g60 cards licensed to 40x20 was drawing similar, I believe between 30-35 amps.

We are Rectifier > batteries > GW



Good luck with the depi tunnels!

We are using Eltec flatpack2.

We are using Eltec flatpack2.
Its run 4 PCS 1800W module.
So it is sum 7400W in max capacity, wich mean some redundant capacity.
Can be use only 1, 2 or 3 modules too, depend on the configuration.
Or can power up the uBR10K and the GW10 the same PSU, with enough modules installed.
Each module can have its own phase from the AC connector.
We have on stock from this PS, if you interested.