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Issue with bonding (CASA C100G)

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Issue with bonding (CASA C100G)

Hi there,

We have a CASA C100G and we are having problems with bonding:

hostname#show cable modem non-bonding
MAC Address IP Address US DS MAC Prim RxPwr Timing Num BPI
Intf Intf Status Sid (dB) Offset CPEs Enb
001d.d4d7.3e62 12/13.1/0 1/6/4* online(pt) 3476 0.0 3673 2 yes
001d.d4dd.90a2 13/0.2/0 2/0/19* online(pt) 8007 -0.7 3203 3 yes

We have various equipments that is not performing bonding. Anyone have any suggestion ??


power levels or roll off?

Can you confirm the power levels on the other frequencies that show bonded?
what version software are you running?