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DOCSIS Protocol Analyzer and RF Switch Matrix

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DOCSIS Protocol Analyzer and RF Switch Matrix

Just wondering what everyone is using these days? Any experience whether positive or negative will be useful.


Current List

We use
- Daqtron/Averna DP-360
(Euro)DOCSIS 2.0 - 3.0
Old-Style GUI but still very good to use
Limitation with 4 DS 4 US per chassis. So we extend to another Chassis for EuroDOCSIS 8x4.

-Averna DP-1000 (
(Euro)DOCSIS 2.0 - 3.0
New GUI but the old one from DP-360 was better to use
Up to 32x8 for (Euro)DOCSIS 3.0 possible but in fact you sniffing the most time the Primary Channels so the DP-360 is still used more for 3.0
DOCSIS 3.1 it's still one of the only RF-Protocol-Analyzer for 3.1 but it's really hard to working with


Excentis XRA-31 (
I saw a onsite demo and it looks very promising! I would say amazing in compare to other available 3.1 Analyzer on the market.
The pcap file is generated in real time and was immediately available after recording stopped.

Lowcost: Downstream DOCSIS/EuroDOCSIS 1.0 - 3.0: packet-o-matic ( and DVB-C / ATSC USB Stick

Thanks wittmann!

Thanks wittmann!

I am pushing for DP-1000 but facing budgetary limitations from leadership. So we will see how that goes. I'm familiar with DP-360. Previously at another job we were using DP360 as you have mentioned, with two chassis daisy-chained together to get more channels.

I looked into XRA-31 but as it has a current limitation for D3.1 only I'd have hard time convincing leadership to purchase it. Excentis did let me know that they expect to add support for earlier versions of DOCSIS in the short term.

I'll look into the packet-o-matic.


Hi, if you have more question try to give me a message in IRCnet ;) nick is my username.

Much appreciated!

Will do, thanks!