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EPC3925 - Advice needed on FW

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EPC3925 - Advice needed on FW

Hi all,

I came across your forum and I'm hoping someone can assist or advise me with the following problem.

I've purchased an EPC3925 off eBay. All good, expect one little thing.... I want to run it in Bridge mode, and the version of the firmware it's flashed with has that option disabled. I've found a few articles on how to inject the missing HTML/JS into the web UI to enable it, but it doesn't work on all versions, including mine.

So I come to you asking for help on finding a download location for FW files, as I just can't find any online. Yep, I know it's an EOL model, and that the ISP's generally push out the FW, but they must be getting these from somewhere, I assume Cisco/Linksys ...

I'd be ever so grateful if someone could help with this as I'd love to be able to use it in Bridge mode.

On alternative I thought of was editing the config file, and uploading it, but I don't know what the flag is that needs to be set for Bridge mode.

Here's the current status of the unit:

Model: Cisco EPC3925
Vendor: Cisco
Hardware Revision: 1.0
MAC Address: e4:48:XX:XX:XX:XX
Bootloader Revision: 2.3.0_R1
Current Software Revision: epc3925-ESIP-16-v302r125573-130625c
Firmware Name: epc3925-ESIP-16-v302r125573-130625c.bin
Firmware Build Time: Jun 25 17:28:09 2013
Cable Modem Status: Scanning
Wireless Network: Disable

Many thanks guys, and all the best


Hello Diablo,

Sent me your e-mail and i'll provide to you the latest version for the EPC3925.

best regards,

Thank you ever so much DarkNG

Thank you ever so much DarkNG. If you could send it to:


I'd really appreciate it. If you're able to tell me the flash method, if not I'll do a google around :-)

Many thanks in advance

Still in need :)

Hi all,

Sadly no word from darkng ... I'd really love to get this EPC up and running, so if anyone else can help, or darkng if you're reading please contact me.

Best wishes to you all

If you are not an operator,

If you are not an operator, you will not be able to upgrade the firmware on this equipment.

The docsis 1.x secure upgrade procedure, is initiated from the Operator side, i.e.

modem does dhcp
dhcp responds with TFTP server, and config file name
modem downloads config from TFTP,
the config file contains SNMP sets to tell the modem where to download the firmware image from (TFTP server, and firmware file name)
more importantly, the config file must contain a CVC certificate that is used to verify the firmware image before it is loaded on the device, if the proper CVC is not in the config file, you cannot upgrade the firmware.

If the correct CVC is in the modem config file you can upgrade the firmware via snmp upgrade requests as an alternatives.

unless you have a CMTS you cannot change the dhcp portion of the process.

Thanks for the info

Hi kwesibrunee

Many thanks for that info, and actually some of the process I did know. As luck would have it, my cable ISP is right around the corner as it's a local one for the town, very small, and I know the guy who's doing all the DOCSIS stuff. I can literally walk in a see him directly. Tomorrow I will try to call round there and give him the unit. But I'm also curious if he can, where he'd source the firmware file from. This particular ISP gave me an Arris TG862S. I remember I had a nice Netgear cable ISP from when I live in Belgium (Voo), but the FW was branded all by them. I asked him if he could try to get it working on their cable network but he was unsuccessful that time.

If you can offer any advice on the above it would be great.

All the best

Do you have the FW file please?

Well I've been to my cable company yesterday and left the EPC with the guy I know. Just in case he doesn't find the latest FW, as I don't know where they source it from, if anyone who has it could email me and I will pass it on to the guy to flash it.

Best wishes

Unit works - but need FW with Bridge support

Hello again,

OK the cable company got it working on their infra, however they don't have a FW file that supports Bridge mode... they said if I can provide the file they'll flash it... so guys, pleaseeee, if you have a version please share, it would really be appreciated.

Best wishes

Wouldn't this be a MIB?

Wouldn't this be a MIB?

Not sure

I really don't know... if you can offer any information on this would be great